Thursday, August 24, 2017

4 years old

WOW! It is hard to believe that the youngest one of our family is FOUR!!  Where has the time gone!?!?  It seems just like yesterday we were heading to the hospital to welcome you into this world!   We had a hard time taking pictures this year for a variety of reasons...we were busy, the weather was CRAZY hot and part of me finds it harder and harder to take these yearly pictures because it reminds me how big everyone is getting!! But we got the pictures done!  You definitely showed your free spirit personality!  So, without further are your pictures!

This was our first picture, and I knew we were in for a fun photo shoot!

Tobias, we are thankful that God chose you to be a part of our family!  You bring so much fun and laughter to our lives.  The way you pray, challenges us!  We love  you and are proud of who God is shaping you to be!

Friday, August 12, 2016

3 years old

Well, I am a little late on writing this birthday update...but better late then never!!

We continue to be so thankful for you, Richard Tobias.  Daddy and I were getting ready to talk about having a fourth child, but we never got to that conversation because God decided that our family needed you.  I am so grateful in God's wisdom that He knew our family would be so blessed by your addition.

You are so very extroverted....which is sometimes hard for this introverted momma.  I often ask daddy, "How does an introverted momma raise an introverted son?"  And his response is, "Well, you are gonna find out!!"

You love so passionately.  It isn't good enough to just sit beside someone on the couch.  You have to be right on top of them...touching them...loving them.  Just about everyday that daddy goes to work you need to give him "the biggest hug ever" before he walks out the doesn't matter if he just gave you a hug or not.

You are such a helper.  Whenever there is a time to help, you want to be right there helping.  Even if there isn't a way to help, you will ask and ask until we find something for you to do. 

You love ROCKS!  Every time we go somewhere, you look for a hold as a prized possession.  I have grown to love you carefully choose just the right rock to hold on to for the day.  And at the end of the day, it goes into your special rock bucket by the front door. 

We are enjoying watching God fine tune who He wants you to be.  You have so much to offer the world, and we pray that you use all your gifts to further His kingdom!  We love you more than words can say, but remember He loves you even more!

Here are a few pictures from our photo shoot:


And here are a few silly faces...just a bit of his personality shining through!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday, Richard Tobias!

Today is your 2nd birthday.  Where has the last two years gone!?!?  You came into our world two years ago and have fit so well into our family.  I honestly don't remember our family without you.  You bring so much joy to our life.  You have such a happy, care-free spirit about you.  It is definitely contagious.  You love to make people smile and laugh.  I love watching you as you try to do what your brother and sisters do.  Your daddy often sings, "Anything you can do, I can do better!"  You have such a determination to accomplish something.  It doesn't matter how frustrated you get, you keep trying until you figure it out or someone teaches you how to do it.  Your speaking skills are so good...we can understand about 95% of what comes out of your mouth.  Daddy and I feel like we have mastered our fourth "foreign" language!  You are such a great eater!  Fruits, veggies, bread and french fries are still your favorites.  Majority of the time you will pick fruit over anything else on your plate.  You do have a sweet tooth just like your mommy...and your siblings! You still like being outside playing with a ball, going for a walk, swimming in the pool.  In the last couple of weeks, you decided you wanted to jump off the diving board at the pool.  Mommy said sure thinking once you got on the diving board you would change your mind...but you didn't!!  So, Daddy got in the deep end and waited for you to jump off.  Once you were in the water, he would pull you to the side of the pool.  Your response?  AGAIN!! So, we have let you do it a couple of times since and you have so much fun jumping off the diving board.  You also like to play with trains, trucks and cars.  You get so excited seeing buses when we are driving in the van. 

Here are a few pictures that I took of you:

We had a small birthday party that included our family, Pa T, Lin-Lin, Mimi and Tay.  You had a construction themed party.  Here are a few pictures from your celebration:

Your birthday breakfast

You liked everyone singing to you

Not quite sure what to do with the candles

Daddy showing you how to blow the eventually wanted him to do it.

Your birthday banner

Daddy photo bombing your construction decorations

Kyrie celebrating with you

Josiah excited to be celebrating with you

Sophie excited to be celebrating with you

Your cupcakes for your birthday dessert

You were NOT happy about the candles!
I get don't like the candles!

Daddy helping you blow your candles out

We are so thankful that God has chosen us to be your parents.  We pray that you will give your life to Jesus out a young age and will use the gifts/talents/passions He has given you to further His Kingdom.  Happy Birthday, Little Buddy! Know that you are are loved very much!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

18 months

Well, I am a bit late on writing this journal entry.  And let's not mention the fact that I haven't taken your 18 month pictures!!

I guess I have a pretty good excuse...we have been traveling for the month of December.  First to Georgia then to Northern Virginia.  I am hoping for some decent has been VERY we can go ahead and get them done.  I guess I should prepare to do Sophie's five-year-old pictures while I am at it.  But I digress.

Anyways, I can't believe that you are 18 months!!!  Let me ask the question...again...WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE!?!?!  I honestly don't remember what our family was like without you.  Even though it was a seamless transition, you have added so much to our family.  You bring so much laughter to our family.  Even at the young age of 18 months, you know that you are funny.  If you do something and it brings laughter, you will do it again...and again...and again. Your brother and sisters ADORE you!!  I am so thankful for the love they have for you and the love you have for them.  It just melts this momma's heart.

Some things that make you you:

*You LOVE to eat...especially fruit, veggies and dessert.
*You have started humming songs and we know which ones they are. (Wheels on the Bus; Happy and You Know It; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to name a few)
*You sing the Amen Song with us
*You LOVE to wrestle and often times I am telling you to be careful with your big brother!
*You LOVE being outside
*You follow simple commands
*You are saying more words: Mama, Dada, Up, Apple, Ball, Dog, Amen, FeFe (Sophie), Brush, Bup-Bup; Bob-Bob; Lin-Lin;
*You are beginning to point out words from the "Your Baby Can Read" videos
*You LOVE a ball, rock or car to play with
*You are LOUD...VERY LOUD...when you see something you would like
*You still suck your thumb, but we are currently taping a sock over you hand so you won't suck it.  Sometimes it stays on, sometimes you take the tape and sock off.  And you have been known to pull your arm out of your sleeve to suck your thumb...just like Sophie did.
*You love to give tap, pat our backs when you give us hugs
*You are a cuddler...when you sit still long enough.

I could go on and on, but I will stop there.  One thing I want you to know is that we LOVE you so very much, Richard Tobias.  We are thankful that you are a part of our family.  We look forward to seeing how God is going to take all these things from above and grow them in yo and to see how He is going to use you to further His Kingdom. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday, Richard Tobias!

Happy 1st Birthday, Richard Tobias!!! 

Well, we survived your first year of life.  So much has happened over the last year which has made it go by so much faster.  Part of me wishes we could go back a year and start all over again, so I could cherish every moment...every last "first"...a little bit more.  But I know that isn't possible, so I will keep those memories close to my heart. 

We are so thankful for being blessed with you.  God knew exactly who we needed to complete our little family...ok, maybe little is the wrong word here! :)  We look forward to seeing who God has created you to be and the relationships you will have with your siblings.  You are very much loved by all of them...they absolutely adore you. 

Our prayer for you...that God will capture your heart and life at a young age. That He will use you in mighty ways to further His Kingdom.  That you will take your determined spirit and use it to glorify Him.  That God will use your silly spirit to attract people to Him. We pray that God will always guide us as we raise you in the years to come to point you towards Him. 

We love you and look forward to what God is going to do this coming year!!

Here are some pictures from his photo-shoot in Vienna, VA.   I can't believe that he is already one!!

Such a handsome boy

Pretty much sums up how I feel

LOVE those cheeks


Found some wood to play with

There is a smile

LOVE me some baby feet

Look at those eyes!

He melts my heart

Perfect addition to our family

He is ALL boy...on the move with a rock in his hand.

Monday, June 9, 2014

11 months

Well, in less than a month you will be a year old!!!  I know I have said many times before that time is going by so fast, but this past year really has. 

You are really starting to show your personality, and we are really enjoying seeing who God is creating you to be.  You already love to make people laugh.  I can't wait to see how God is going to use this to bring glory to His kingdom, but I know  He will.  You also have really tried to start "playing" with your siblings.  You will crawl over to where they are playing and plop yourself right in the middle of what they are doing.  Sometimes it goes well and other times...well, let's just say that Mommy has to get involved. :)  The cutest thing right now is when you crawl over to the kitchen and start to "cook."  You bang the pots and pans together and throw food all is like you are being a master chef!  The other thing you do is crawl around grunting as you clear off all the toys from the shelves.  I have started calling you "Taz" because you remind me of the Tasmanian Devil. :)  You are eating more and more table food.  For the most part, you are liking what you eat, but if there is something that you don't like...well, you purse your lips so tight that I can't get another bite in your mouth.  Sometimes bribing you with some bread or crackers work, but not very often.  You are sleeping through the night, which is something Mommy and Daddy are grateful for.  You are creeping along furniture a lot more and walking holding our hands.  You have learned how to crawl up the stairs.  You have learned to say, "more" using sign language.  So as you can see...there has been LOTS of changes in the last month. 

Well, I guess that is all.  I will be back in a month to write your first birthday entry...not at all looking forward to it. :(  But do know that we love you very much and are so thankful that God chose you to be a part of our life. 

11 months

Saturday, May 10, 2014

10 months

Well,  I am a bit late on writing this...since you are a week away from being 11 months, but better late than never.  And, let's be are technically still in the 10 month age group! :) 

Well, 10 months has been a very busy for you.  You celebrated your first Easter.  Your sweet friend, James, was baptized (on Easter Sunday). You went on your first road trip (2 weeks) to see family in NC and GA.  You went to Baltimore to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine. And I think that is about it.

You continue to grow each day.  While in GA, you met your Aunt Jenny for the first time.  She is a pediatric physical therapist.  Mommy had been trying and trying to get you to get up on all fours to crawl instead of doing the army crawl...all.the.time.  She suggested putting some pillows down and having you crawl over them.  The first few times we put them down, you army crawled...Daddy just laughed because he thought you were winning this battle, but Mommy stayed persistent.  And now?  You have begun to crawl more and more...up off the belly dragging on the ground!!!  So, YEAH, for you!!  Once we are a little more consistent, we will begin to work on walking.  Another thing you have learned? To climb the stairs...not sure how I really feel about this! :)  You are so proud of yourself when you do it...and you should are by far the youngest of the four Hootie Hoos to tackle the stairs.  You also are eating more table food.  Chicken nuggets and grilled cheese are your favorites by far.  You did like the spaghetti that I made you the other night, too.  You make me smile as you try new foods and get used to the texture in your mouth.  You did AMAZING on our slept through the night while in your pack n' play.  This has helped Mommy and Daddy to feel a little more rested and normal! Your personality has really started to come are quite the silly boy.  You make TONS of facial expressions that make us laugh.  You are figuring out new sounds to make...we call it you beat boxing.  And like Kyrie...your laugh is contagious. 

Richard Tobias, we are so thankful for you.  We are so glad that God chose you to be a part of our family.  We love getting to know who God created you to be.  Happy 10 months!!

10 months